Surly Arctic Cross, St. Pauli edition


Winter Solstice Race, Gravel Edition bike preparation


SKS X-tra Dry rear clip on fender, MOB Fat Bikes downtube splash shield. I had to cut the splash shield down quite a bit to allow it to clear the pedals. A quick test ride showed no interference with my pedal stroke. I am a little concerned it will act like a sail on descents. I also put fresh batteries into the blinkies, since I anticipate the cold will kill them.


45NRTH Xerxes studded snow tires (700c X 30) @50 psi, mounted on my Shimano R501 wheelset. Gearing on the bike is 48/34 chainrings with an 11-32 SRAM 9 spd cassette.

It’s already snowing in Herman. Tomorrow should be interesting.