Day off = solo sscx at wilderness park


20131229-072907.jpg Yeah, you wish you were me.


SSCX Bianchi San Jose debut ride


First ride today of my newly completed Bianchi San Jose. James, Yukon Cornelius, and myself tested our new rides on gravel trails with some bonus singletrack. Aside from a few adjustments, and a flat tire on the San Jose, it was a pleasant 22 mile ride in teeth-chattering 20 degree temps. The Bianchi complete comes in at 21.8 lbs, and I cannot say enough positive things about my new ride, it feels light and responsive, it feels great!

Did I say complete? I carelessly forgot to install a rim strip on the back wheel.

The resulting flat at mile 12 was extra fun to change in the cold. CO2 cartridges don’t work quite as well when it’s only 20 degrees out.

Anyway, the singletrack rocked, the bike feels great, and the boys enjoyed the galettes.


Upgrades Complete (For Now)


I installed a sweet 39t 105 chainring purchased just today from the good folks at Monkey Wrench Cycles here in Lincoln, NE.  I took the rig for a spin and knew right away this was the correct choice: just big enough, when paired with my 17t freewheel, to not spin out on the flats.


I’ll save the Challenge tires for actual racing season next year.  For now, the Kenda Small Block 8’s that came on it will work just fine.

San Jose build started


I started the San Jose build today. First off: Installing the fork crown race on my $99 Carver carbon fiber fork:

20131124-180025.jpgNotice the highly sophisticated crown race installer.

Once installed, I tackled the unbelievably frustrating task of removing the stock 48T chainring from my SRAM Courier crankset so that I could install a more CX appropriate 39T ring.
Motherf***ing SRAM installs 8mm bolts into a single crank with liberal loctite! Really guys?

20131124-180529.jpg After breaking the Park Tool that Seniõr Cornelius loaned me, I lost my cool and turned to the die grinder to get them f***ers out. After grinding deep slots, I was able to use a screwdriver and ratchet to break the loctite.

20131124-180710.jpgNOT HAPPY, SRAM!

Finally, I liberally treated the frame tubes with Boeshield T9.

What did you do today?