Day off = solo sscx at wilderness park


20131229-072907.jpg Yeah, you wish you were me.


Meet My Ice Bike, Code Name: Black Ice


It was a brisk ride this morning, to say the least: -6 degrees after a day that left over 5 inches of snow on the ground. The short commute to work was awesome and awful in equal measure.

Those are Nokian Mount & Ground W160 studded tires.  Those Finns know a thing or two about cycling in these conditions!

Upgrades Complete (For Now)


I installed a sweet 39t 105 chainring purchased just today from the good folks at Monkey Wrench Cycles here in Lincoln, NE.  I took the rig for a spin and knew right away this was the correct choice: just big enough, when paired with my 17t freewheel, to not spin out on the flats.


I’ll save the Challenge tires for actual racing season next year.  For now, the Kenda Small Block 8’s that came on it will work just fine.