You’re killing me, Italy


Because I’m a sucker for Italians, I bought 20 year-old Bianchi Reparto Corse TSX Ultralight frame, built up with 10-speed Campagnolo Chorus groupset when it popped up locally on Facebook.


How could I resist? Full Campy, rode well. All it needed was new grease in the front hub, and a new chain…

Right. It’s fucking Italian, numbskull.

It needed a new chain ($70), new bearings, new cones, and a complete front hub rebuild ($70), and then I left Monkey Wrench with it to find out that now, nothing worked.

The rear cassette, (Record Titanium, of course) was shot, which is a $500 replacement part. A Centaur cassette was found at Olympia (these guys are great, btw), for $200, which was enough to keep it in gear now, but caused it to sound like an old sewing machine.

Fortunately, Olympia speaks Campy better than anyone else around here, so a week, and new replacement 53/39 chainrings ($200) later, it rides awesome. At least when tires aren’t blowing up on it. I guess it’s a testament to the bike that the previous owner rode it into the fucking ground.


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