San Jose build started


I started the San Jose build today. First off: Installing the fork crown race on my $99 Carver carbon fiber fork:

20131124-180025.jpgNotice the highly sophisticated crown race installer.

Once installed, I tackled the unbelievably frustrating task of removing the stock 48T chainring from my SRAM Courier crankset so that I could install a more CX appropriate 39T ring.
Motherf***ing SRAM installs 8mm bolts into a single crank with liberal loctite! Really guys?

20131124-180529.jpg After breaking the Park Tool that Seniõr Cornelius loaned me, I lost my cool and turned to the die grinder to get them f***ers out. After grinding deep slots, I was able to use a screwdriver and ratchet to break the loctite.

20131124-180710.jpgNOT HAPPY, SRAM!

Finally, I liberally treated the frame tubes with Boeshield T9.

What did you do today?


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